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Sprowston's Highways and Thoroughfares

Not until the 1800s did the network of Sprowston roads and thoroughfares change as until this date the parish and village had been purely agricultural, the habitation being mostly around Church Lane and the Blue Boar public house on the Wroxham Road. The brick industry played a considerable part in moving the housing requirements more towards the city as did the need for an ever increasing number of workers in the City of Norwich. This development initially took the form of ribbon development along the main highways to both Wroxham and North Walsham.

In the early 20th century work started in developing the land between these two roads as well as on the opposite side of Wroxham Road. By the Second World War much of the land on the North Walsham Road side of Wroxham Road had been developed but that between Wroxham Road and Salhouse Road went at a slower pace. This imbalance was put right starting in the 1950s and lasting until the late 1970s developments took place on both sides of the road up to both Blue Boar Lane and Barkers Lane. Development has once again started beyond Blue Boar Lane.