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People first walked the land of Sprowston after the end of the last ice age. They lived in small settlements: a group of round houses made of timber. These houses were commonly timber framed, with wattle & daub walls and thatched roofs. The earliest evidence we have of household activity in Sprowston is in 200 B.C, with the discovery of a buried upper quern stone, used for milling.

These communities started farming, domesticating animals and planting crops. The largest tribe at this time in Sprowston (and in the surrounding areas) was the Iceni (Queen Boudica).

With the influence of the Romans, Saxons and Normans, the gene pool that has been planted into the original Sprowstonians is vast. Many families that lived in or are connected to Sprowston are genetically linked to one or all of these invading forces.

As recently as the 1800s, there was a Sprowston family (Stone) who now have connections to our present Royal Family (The Duchess of Cambridge).