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Polo in Sprowston

The playing of polo within the parish was only short lived. Even then it was not a specific Sprowston club but was a club centred on Norwich. An extract from `Polo in Britain: A History` by Horace A. Laffaye gives a short but succinct history.

Norwich Polo Club

Norwich Polo Club was formed by Ivor Buxton, John Cooke, R E Parker and Robert Read Jnr. In 1908. A ground at Eaton was built where the Eaton Golf Club is now located; a year later they moved to Sprowston. Other players included Geoffrey, John and Richard Buxton, Francis Crossley, Captain Forster, Quintin Gurney, Captain W B Long, Joseph Paul, William Thorold and Captain Humphrey Willett. A banner year for the Club was in 1913, when The County Cup and the Junior County Cup were taken by Norwich teams. Edward Leatham, Captain Reginald Badger, Basil Nichols and Frederick Wormald took the County Cup while Major Cecil Fane, Captain Badger, Edward Leatham and John Eden won the Junior County Cup.The war put an end to this club.

The demise of the club and use of the field

As early as 1915 the Polo Field was in use by the army for training since photographs show the Lincolnshire Yeomanry camped there. With the cessation of hostilities it seems the land was once again returned to agricultural use. In 2017 the Polo Field ceased to exist even in name the site being prepared for a new housing development.