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In attendance

Ken passing the Memorial Book to Broadland District Council
Jon Bracey receiving the Memorial Book from Sprowston Town Council

Mrs Mollie Goodyear, Vicar the Rev`d Canon Simon Stokes, Peter Sneddon- Chairman Sprowston Heritage, John Bracey, Sprowston History Group and Heritage committee member, Ken Jones Heritage committee member, Ken Lashley -Chairman Sprowston Town Council and finally receiving a copy of the Memorial book is Stuart Dunn-Chairman of Broadland District Council.

Mrs Rampley,Mrs Mollie Goodyear, Rev`d Canon Simon Stokes, Peter Sneddon, John Bracey receiving the book on behalf of the Norfolk Records Office from Ken Lashley Chairman of Sprowston Town Council (Heritage partner), Ken Jones and Stuart Dunn Chairman BDC.


On Thursday May 10th 2014 presentation of the Sprowston Church Memorial Names book took place. Chairman of Sprowston Heritage Peter Sneddon presented the Leather bound book to the Rev`d Canon Simon Stokes for St. Mary and St. Margaret, Parish Church of Sprowston. Mr John Bracey received the book on behalf of the Norfolk Records Office; Mr Stuart Dunn received the book on behalf of Broadland District Council and Mrs Mollie Goodyear will present the book to our local Library in Sprowston. Also present were Rev`d Dean Ackrill and Rev`d Andrew Jones, committee members John Mason and Marion Attoe, History Group members Keith Fowler and Val Kibble.

Memorial names at the church of St Mary and St Margaret
Both memorial plaques

The book lists the names of those servicemen and civilians who died and who are mentioned on both the War Memorials in the Parish Church. It gives details of where they were born, their families and what service they served in and how they died.

The book team were David Goodyear (who was responsible for suggesting the Church Memorial Names as a project) Bruce Rampley and Peter Sneddon who worked on the 1st WW names and Ken Jones, John Mason, John Poynter and Peter Sneddon who worked on the 2ndWW names. Unfortunately both David and Bruce died before they were able to work on the 1st WW chapters although they researched their names and had copious notes on these men. The team were assisted by Bev Woolner- bookbinder who acted as unpaid consultant on the printing and book binding. Unfortunately there were just a few names, less than 10, who we were unable to confirm any information.

Any profits from the book will be shared 50-50 between Sprowston Heritage and the Parish Church. If you would like to order a book please contact us.