Chapel or church?

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Religion has taken many forms within the area now considered as Sprowston and like many places no doubt had both pagan and Christian factions running in tandem over a considerable length of time and putting an exact date on when paganism was eradicated would be pure conjecture. Suffice to say religion became something of an amalgam almost as if to say yes you can still take part in pagan festivals but they will be realigned to become Christian. Even when Christianity was considered as the recognised religion even then the observance was governed frequently by Royal or government decree and life would indeed be tough for those who did not toe the line in matters of religion. Finally there was an acceptance that all did not think the same bringing about a religious freedom. The changing land owner and worker relationship that came with the Industrial Revolution also brought something of a religious revolution where many of the workers felt that the established churches did not really fulfil their needs. This was to spawn a number of religious groups as separate religious entities, Baptists, Methodists and various other nondenominational places of worship.