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Welcome to Sprowson Heritage

The Heritage Archive was set up as a millennium project to record the history of the Parish of Sprowston and continues this task now Sprowston has become a town. This change emphasises how the history of an area evolves, a process that has been ongoing for centuries, this must raise the question, what is Sprowston?

The provincial boundaries have changed over the years but unfortunately are still not the same as ecclesiastical and diocesan equivalents. To add more uncertainty there is the identity of the population, where do they perceive they live? After years of boundary changes many will still identify with the previous parish they lived in.

At present, the archive is being rebuilt having originally been designed based on the COMMA Archive System which has been outmoded by recent advances in computer technology. The aim is to provide an archive which is computer-based and readily accessible to both residents and researchers.

Whilst the archive has some local artefacts, lack of storage and display space precludes us from growing this collection, but we would welcome both photographs and documents relating to Sprowston. These may be copied for the archive; the original being returned to the donor.