Guymer Family

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Guymer Family

The Guymer family originated from Old Catton where there were several branches of the family to be found. Below is the line of Robert Guymer 1842-1906 which was to have a connection with Sprowston.

Robert 1842-1906 was the son of Robert and Mary Bacy. A blacksmith by trade he appears to have spent time in Ireland during the 1860`s as in 1868 he married Elizabeth Connelly 1843-1922 in Middleton Co Cork. As a family they seemed to be constantly on the move as can be seen from the birth places of their children. Mary Ann 1870 Ireland, Robert 1873 Downham Market, Caroline 1874 Old Catton, Elizabeth 1879 New Catton, Francis 1883 Old Catton, William 1885 Sprowston

Their youngest son William was born in Sprowston but sometime later Robert and Elizabeth returned once more to Old Catton where Robert was to pass away in 1906. Elizabeth lived on for several more years only to die in the workhouse in 1922.

Robert and Elizabeth`s daughter Caroline Guymer 1874-1945 was never to marry but she was still to be the mother of eleven children. Working as a laundress to provide for them she also somehow managed to find the space and time to take in a lodger a pensioner named Robert Adcock. Apart from George and Maud all of the rest were born in Sprowston.

George Cecil 1894-1931 m 1917 Maria Galley, Maud Ethel 1901-?, Bessie Edith 1902-1972 m 1934, Earl F Daniels, William Ernest 1904-1979 m 1938 Elsie M Cox, Robert Albert 1906-1977 m 1931 Margery M Clarke, Rose Alice 1907-1989 m 1930 (1) Arthur W James (2) m 1955 Horace W Abel James Henry 1909-1990 m 1947 Audrey J M Mann, Ellen Mary 1911-1982 m 1956 Frank M Gowing, Elizabeth 1913-2003 m 1937 Cyril A Duffin, Caroline Harriet 1915-1940 m 1939 Francis Connelly, Jack Francis 1916-2000 m 1950 Iris L Armes.

Out of interest is the photograph of the Sprowston cricket team of 1931where two of her sons are featured. James (Jimmy) born 1910 and Robert (Bob) born 1906.

Other members of the Guymer family of Old Catton that were to have a connection with Sprowston are as follows. Both of the mentioned were the sons of William Guymer and Elizabeth nee Snowly.

Richard Guymer 1808-1881 a carpenter by trade spent time living in Sprowston in the 1840`s and 1850`s before returning to Old Catton where he remained for the rest of his days. He was married In Old Catton in 1835 to Mary Ann Dugdell 1809-1896 who was born in Skeyton Norfolk. His brother William Guymer 1813-1898 was also a carpenter in 1832 at Old Catton he married Rebecca Mitson 1811-1893 she was born in East Harling. After spending some years in Sprowston they moved to Lowestoft before returning to Old Catton in later life.