St. Cuthberts

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St. Cuthberts. Church of England.

Location Wroxham Road.

Because the increase of industry in the City of Norwich, there were more dwellings built, and in order to serve the rapidly growing population of Sprowston, it was felt that another church would be required. The church and the adjacent vicarage were paid for by the Gurney family, who lived at Sprowston Manor and the church was built in 1886.

The church was built on the land called Fairstead Field, which for many centuries was used by Sprowston Fair, from the 13th century till the year 1828, when the fair was stopped by the Council. The main local industry was brick-making and the pub on the opposite side of the Wroxham Road roundabout is built on the former site of the brickworks hence the name “The Brickmakers”. It is not surprising therefore that the church is built entirely of brick, made in and known locally as the “Sprowston Reds”, as are the terraced cottages situated on the opposite side of Wroxham Road.