Domesday Book of 1086

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Sprowston's (Sprowestuna) entry in the Domesday Book was brief, but complete.

Lands of the King which Godric keeps

Sprowestuna was held by Edric TRE.
3 ploughlands or 3 curates.
Then 1 villein.
Then 6 bordars, now 5.
Then 1 plough on the demesne, afterwards and now half.
Then 2 ploughs belonging to the men, afterwards and now 1, and the others could be restored.
Wood for 6 swine.

Explanation of words

Word Meaning
TRE as
curate is said to be land, capable of being ploughed by a team of horses in one year.
villein a tenant, a serf or a peasant
bordar a villein of the lowest rank (Peasant) demesne estate
half half a plough
wood woodland
swine pig
Godric was the Kings Dapifer (Steward).