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The Area

The Area provides an overview of the ever-changing demographics of Sprowston mostly regarding changes that have taken place in the past 200 years since prior to this reference should be made to the History of Sprowston category. We must look at inhabitants’ personal life during the past 200 years, the quality-of-life and the rules citizens were expected to abide by. Besides the births and deaths all communities experience, there were crimes and accidents which befell others. It gives a chance to study and record the changes in not only the boundaries and population but the physical changes caused by changing land utilisation, which is still continuing. It gives a chance to look at the relevance of many of the road names and the links with Sprowston's past, be it a person or a specific landmark. Progress over time has not only affected the human population but has altered forever the flora and fauna which has had to adapt from a rural to land developed for both residential and business usage. .


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