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Sprowston at War

From the earliest times the peoples of the Sprowston area have provided the necessities associated with conflict, be it manpower in the way of fighting men, the supplies of various fighting equipment and sustenance for the troops. The earliest recorded conflict in which we were no doubt involved was the displeasure of the Iceni tribe to being subjugated by the Romans. As in most developing countries there has always been conflict and rebellion against the invaders. Even when this all settled down there was always turmoil in the form of warring factions within the country generally known as civil war. With the Civil War bloodletting over there was always the threat from other countries firstly against the United Kingdom and secondly the British Empire. These wars were to pale into insignificance when along with many from both country and Empire we became involved in the brutality of World War I, supposedly the war to end all wars. Alas in 1939 we were once again involved in the military struggle of World War II when once again the citizens of Sprowston went to war in both the military and the local factories supplying the war effort. The citizen’s involvement did not end here, many becoming involved in the Home Guard, air raid wardens and other such voluntary activities which they did as well as a full-time job. The women played a crucial role, with many of the menfolk in the forces they took on many of the jobs formerly considered as men only occupations. Despite the privations of war there is evidence that people knew how to enjoy themselves, frequently put down to the fact there might not be a tomorrow.