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Throughout the centuries religion in Sprowston like other parishes and the areas that formed these has seen enormous change over the millennia. The word religion has different meanings to various groups but if one takes in the broader sense of worshipping we must include pagan worship and rituals prior to the widespread acceptance of Christianity within England.

In the Middle Ages the religious establishment was an exceptionally powerful force, in all probability wielding more power than the local landowners. It must be remembered the monastic communities were in essence the equivalent of the health service. After the split from Rome there was a period of intolerance to other religions over the centuries this abated, finally industrialisation broke what was often a stranglehold by the landed gentry on enforcing their religious beliefs. Many of the new working classes, unhappy with this situation set up their own chapels, this gave the opportunity to worship in a way that they saw more appropriate to their lifestyle. Changes in the population and general outlook on religion has seen over the past few years has made it necessary to abandon some places of traditional worship, at times relocated but other times simply consigned to history.