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History of Sprowston

The early history of the area we now call Sprowston prior to real recordkeeping can only be an interpretation of what scant evidence remains of habitation in the area and the people living in these dwellings which were probably often of a transient nature. As with many other areas it would be part of a tribal kingdom but even this changed over time due to invasions by various groups of nationals from far off lands. If nothing else we have to thank the Normans for setting up proper recordkeeping so we now know who lived and owned the land and even what was on the land. It was their system that truly set up the template for how Sprowston has now developed a though the vagaries of local government in latter years has moulded the area to suit modern living. This modern living however is dealt with in The Area Category so both categories should be included for a full picture of Sprowston's history.