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Aslake/Sprowston Manor

Was part of Thorpe Manor and consisted of:

  • Arming hall
  • Catton (part)
  • Lakenham
  • Sprowston (part) and
  • Thorpe St. Andrews



Bishop Stigand. Bishop of Norwich.
1067 Sir Roger de Sprouston.- a gift from William 1st.
Sir Henry de Sprouston.
1260 Sir Reginald de Sprouston. - m - Margaret.
1288 Sir John de Sprouston. - m - Alice.
1307 Sir Reginald de Sprouston.
1325 Sir Henry de Sprouston. - m - Margaret.
1335 Sir Hugh de Sprouston. - m - Margery.
1391 Sir Roger de Sprouston
John Aslake. - Inherits by marriage to Sir Henrys daughter.
Thomas Aslake. - m - Elizabeth.
Walter Aslake.
1475 William Aslake.
Sir Philip Calthorpe. Ancester of "Godric" King William 1st. steward, who had control of 67manors in 1086. Said to be related to the Calthorpes.
1535 Sir Henry Parker. Inherits by marriage to Elizabeth, daughter and heiress to Sir Philip Calthorpe.
1545 Sir Philip Parker. Son of Sir Henry Parker. Sir Miles Corbet
1559 United with Mounteney Manor

Mounteney Manor

Mounteney Manor consisted of:

  • Beeston
  • Calton (part)
  • Hassingham
  • Sprowston (part)
  • Wroxham and Plumstead
  • It also included four houses.



Sir William de Lucy. - Gift from William 1st. Sir Arnold de Mounteney. Inherits by marriage to Dionyia, daughter of Sir William de Lucy.
Sir William de Mounteney. m- Lecia.


Sir Robert de Mounteney.


Sir Arnold de Mounteney.


Sir Robert de Mounteney.
Isolda de Mounteney. - In dispute of ownership with Adam de Creting.
William de Dunwich. - Leaves manor to his executors in his will.


Sir Arnold de Mounteney. - Purchases manor from the executors. Also inherits manors of Freethorpe and Plumstead.


Sir William de Mounteney. - Son of Isolda. Also inherits the other manors owned by Sir Arnold.


Sir John Jermy.
1385 Sir William Jermy.
1428 Sir John Jermy. - m - Margaret
1461 Sir John Jermy. Son of John and Margaret.
1500 John Corbet. Died 1542.
1542 John Corbet. Inherits from his father John Corbet.
1559 Sir Miles Corbet. - Inherits from his father John Corbet.
Both manors are united.

The United Manors of Sprowston

The two Manors were united by the Corbet family in the 16th Century.


Sir Miles Corbet. - Died 1607


Sir Thomas Corbet. - Died 1617


Sir John Corbet. - Died 1627


Sir Thomas Corbet. - Died 1682


Sir Thomas Adams. - Buys the manor. Dies 1667


Sir Lambert Blackwell. Buys the manor
Sir Charles Blackwell.
1740 Sir Lambert Blackwell. inherits the manor of Freethorpe.


Boycott. - Buys the manor.




Woodruff Smythe.
T. H. Head.
Gurney family.

The land today

Today, there are many families who own a small plot of land on which their homes are built. This was, and still is, part of the historical manor of Sprowston.